hTEE Symposium during the ESICM's 25th Annual Congress


Lisbon, Portugal
October 14th, 2012

ImaCor was honored to have a notable group of physicians speaking about hTEE at our inaugural European hTEE Symposium in Lisbon, Portugal on October 14th. Eleven physicians from Europe and the United States offered insightful studies on hTEE, pointing out that hTEE can advance their clinical objectives by accurately and directlyvisualizing the heart through three simple views from the bedside.

Jan Bakker MD, PhD, Maurizio Cecconi MD, Daniel De Backer MD, PhD, Nick Fletcher MD, Tobias Merz MD, Rui Moreno MD, PhD, Michael Pinsky MD, Dr hc, Jan Poelaert MD, PhD, Michel Slama MD, PhD, Antoine Vieillard-Baron MD, PhD, and Philippe Vignon MD, PhD were amongst the distinguished faculty who spoke at the symposium. It was a unique opportunity to learn more about their exceptional hTEE work - including the multicenter study from France and the results of Bern University Hospital's training study - as well as to discuss illustrative patient cases. Topics such as training and education took center stage during discussions. The simplicity of the device, as compared to conventional TEE or even TTE, was noted as a key factor for effectively managing patient hemodynamics. The teams from Erasme Hopital, Sao Jose Hospital and St. George's University Hospital presented excellent case posters.

We value everyone's input and recognize the contribution of this group of top-notch academicians and clinicians who made this an outstanding educational event. And finally, the night would not have been complete without exceptional facilitation of the discussion regarding training and education by Michael Pinsky MD Dr hc.

One of the most significant benefits of the Lisbon symposium is that it heralds a new era for ImaCor - we are now introducing symposia in the United States and elsewhere in the world to share study findings. Critical care thought-leaders are converging to discuss hemodynamic instability and how to manage it through hTEE.