hTEE Cardiac Support Symposium at the STS 49th Annual Meeting


Los Angeles, CA
January 28, 2013

Leading cardiothoracic surgeons at STS joined us for the hTEE Cardiac Support Symposium just after dawn on January 28th. The event was hosted by Nicholas Cavarocchi MD of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Simon Maltais MD PhD of Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with both Dr. Maltais and Dr. Cavarocchi recommending that participants apply hTEE to their VAD and ECMO patients, as well as all patients with symptoms of right side dysfunction.

Dr. Maltais explained that the ability to easily visualize RV filling and function is why “hTEE is the cornerstone of ICU care” in these “high risk and high stakes patients” at Vanderbilt.

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