2015 STS Annual Meeting

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In San Diego, CA, during the STS 51st Annual Meeting, ImaCor invited physicians to a private high risk cardiac surgery leadership dinner to discuss the application of hTEE Advanced Hemodynamic Management for fluid management in critically ill patients. Dr. Toshinobu Kazui of University of Arizona Medical Center led the discussion. A veteran hTEE user, Dr. Kazui shared his experiences with hTEE Advanced Hemodynamic Management at two institutions. Dr. Kazui was introduced to hTEE at Barnes-Jewish and later helped establish the program in University of Arizona Medical Center's cardiac intensive care unit. In two years, he has used hTEE in over 100 patients. His clinical scenario involved a post LVAD patient with poor RV function. hTEE was used to optimize LVAD settings, assess RV function, guide inotropic support, and avoid RVAD implantation and return RV to nearly baseline. We appreciate Dr. Kazui's contributions, and look forward to sharing further research in the use of hTEE to manage complex cardiac surgery patients.