2015 SCCM Clinical Congress

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During January's SCCM's 44th Clinical Congress in Phoenix, we spoke with a number of physicians about the hTEE Program for Advanced Hemodynamic Management, particularly in relation to fluid management. At a critical care leadership dinner hosted by ImaCor, Dr. Amy Christie of Navicent Health and Dr. Ahmed Zaky of University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital presented their experiences with fluid management and hTEE. Dr. Christie characterized hTEE as the gold standard for hemodynamic management in the ICU and presented five patient scenarios illustrating how hTEE improved patient care by providing information about fluid status. Dr. Zaky turned the group's attention toward RV dysfunction, explaining how detection with hTEE helps avoid fluid overload and a distended RV. His patient case described how hTEE was used to guide fluid administration and weaning for a patient in cardiogenic shock who avoided VA ECMO as a result. We are honored by the level of interest and inquiries regarding Advanced Hemodynamic Management, and look forward to continuing the conversation with the SCCM attendees.