2015 EAST Scientific Assembly

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At last month's EAST 28th Annual Scientific Assembly, acute care physicians from around the world gathered in Orlando, FL to exchange ideas and share solutions for managing the care of critically ill patients. During a private event hosted by ImaCor, attendees had the opportunity to discuss and collaborate on the challenges of hemodynamic management and strategies for fluid management in critical care patients. Dr. Joseph Love of Memorial Hermann Medical Center shared multiple cases demonstrating the need for quick and accurate assessment of fluid status in the critically ill. His presentation also included case examples of patients in septic shock and explanations of how hTEE helped guide interventions and avoid complications including fluid overload. Dr. Love described the primordial benefit of hTEE as having the ability to directly visualize cardiac filling and function in real time, offering a huge advantage to managing fluid administration. We thank Dr. Love for his participation, and were pleased to see that this topic resonated with many of the attendees.