About Us

ImaCor designs, manufactures, and distributes hTEE technology, the first and only critical care solution enabling clinicians to optimize cardiac performance with continuously-available, direct cardiac visualization over time, collectively serving patients, clinicians, and hospital administrators with the best possible clinical outcomes and cost-effective resource utilization. hTEE technology is enabled through the Zura™ ultrasound systems and the miniaturized, disposable ClariTEE® probe, uniquely designed to remain indwelling for up to 72 hours for episodic assessment of cardiac filling and function. Direct visualization with hTEE enables clinicians to optimize cardiac performance throughout a patient's course of treatment, allowing them to guide and assess the effectiveness of therapies, as well as make critical changes in management at the right time.

Founded in 2004 by two dedicated cardiologists, Scott Roth, M.D. and Steven Evans, M.D., and world-renowned scientist Harold Hastings, Ph.D., ImaCor's vision is that hTEE-guided hemodynamic management will become the gold standard in advanced hemodynamic management for critical care globally, significantly impacting the quality and economics of patient care. ImaCor's Zura™ systems and ClariTEE® probe have been used successfully to provide effective hTEE guidance for thousands of patients worldwide.