Title: Pellerito's Corner - November 2014
Author: Peter Pellerito, President & CEO
Facility: ImaCor Inc. Garden City NY

Welcome to the Resuscitation Issue, covering patient management scenarios, compelling new research, and online commentary. The focus is timely as the Surviving Sepsis Campaign recently announced that it will immediately review its protocol for Early Goal Directed Therapy (EGDT) following two large significant studies that showed no measurable benefit from EGDT.

Physicians and researchers are investigating alternative theories, and we believe that the solution lies in a fundamental aspect of sepsis management: early identification and focused treatment. Hospitals with programs for advanced hemodynamic management with hTEE protocols are even further ahead of the curve by optimizing the cardiac performance of their patients before they become septic. Continuously available direct visualization of the heart provides information that can help prevent reduced tissue perfusion and organ failure.

This is only the beginning. Sepsis care is changing, but so is the whole healthcare landscape. In light of this, how are you managing your highest acuity patients? How do you arrive at your clinical understanding of the patient? What information are you using to reach these decisions for cost avoidance?

Our number one goal is to affect quality and outcomes by getting ahead of hemodynamic instability in these very costly, complex patients. 

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With kind regards,


Peter Pellerito
President & CEO