Title: Experts Converge on Fluid Resuscitation - Let's Listen
Author: Harold M. Hastings PhD CTO and Co-Founder
Facility: ImaCor Inc. Garden City NY

This year will likely become known as the "Year of the Sepsis Debate." Here I will look at some highlights on sepsis and more generally on fluid resuscitation from Anesthesia and Critical Care tweets from the 4th International Fluid Academy (IFAD). From what I have read, there is a consensus on one key part of
Early Goal-Directed Therapy (EGDT): Early. Antoine Vieillard-Baron MD, PhD says it best in citing the importance of early, personalized therapy:


Paul Marik MD says fluids do play a key role (in fluid-responsive patients):



But one can overdo anything - here Jean Louis Vincent MD, PhD says it best:



There is much more online from IFAD, all valuable, but too much for this column.

I conclude with two questions, one coming from the IFAD discussion:

- How to best manage the non-fluid responsive sepsis patients (50%)?

And, one coming from the growing literature on cardiac dysfunction in sepsis: 

- How do you best identify and manage these patients (also, 50%)? 

You, the critical care clinicians are in the best position to offer the best answers.

All the best for a joyous Holiday Season and a Happy and productive New Year.