Press Releases

ImaCor Introduces All-In-One Hemodynamic Management Platform 14 January 2015
ImaCor Announces All-In-One Hemodynamic Management Platform 26 November 2014
ImaCor hTEE Technology Studied for Future Space Missions 24 April 2014
ImaCor Launches Educational Mobile App for Critical Care 08 January 2014
hTEE Recognized as the Advanced Hemodynamic Management Solution in Critical Care 04 November 2013
Multiple Studies Show hTEE Significantly Changes Patient Management 06 August 2013
ImaCor Announces 24/7 hTEE Clinical Support Program 02 July 2013
hTEE Essential Tool for Mechanical Circulatory Support Patients 25 April 2013
ImaCor Announces January hTEE Symposia 15 January 2013
Critical Care Leaders Present at hTEE Symposium 15 November 2012
ImaCor Introduces the Zura EVO™ 09 July 2012
ImaCor hTEE Upgrades Zura Imaging Platform Technology 24 April 2012
ImaCor hTEE™ Advances Critical Care at 25 Leading Hospitals In the U.S., Canada and Europe 01 December 2011
ImaCor hTEE™ Technology Purchased at Tenet, HCA & VA Hospitals 28 September 2011
ImaCor Expands Customer Base 31 August 2011
ImaCor Receives CE Mark for ClariTEE® Probe and Zura™ System 19 July 2011
ImaCor Awarded Federal Supply Schedule Contract for ClariTEE® Probe 27 June 2011
ImaCor Names Peter Pellerito President and CEO 27 July 2010
ImaCor Inc. receives Health Canada license for the selling of the ImaCor Zura™ system and ClariTEE™ probe in Canada. 21 September 2009
ClariTEE™ probe and Zura™ system receive 510(k) Clearance 28 July 2008