Updates Designed to Improve Workflow in Critical Care Setting

ImaCor Inc, developer of the world’s first and only hemodynamic transesophageal echocardiography (hTEE™) management device, today announced technology software updates to its Zura™ system. Used with ImaCor’s ClariTEE® probe – the only miniaturized, disposable TEE probe that can lie in dwelling for 72 hours – the system allows physicians to directly visualize cardiac size and function of high-acuity patients in both the perioperative and intensive care unit (ICU) settings.

The updated Zura software features include:

  • A new initialization screen with hTEE views and related tutorials that remind busy clinicians of the three-view hTEE exam during system start-up.
  • Direct access to the standard hTEE views from the imaging screen with a new hTEE screen option to easily facilitate the standardized exam for hemodynamic management.
  • Image quality settings that store and recall any adjustments made to cineloop image quality during playback and provide a movie-like, dynamic impression.
  • Simplified image “steering” to allow the clinician to simply orient the image on the system to get the full picture rather than move the probe in dwelling.
  • Enhanced “Auto-Q”, the automatic gain control feature that adjusts levels for optimal image clarity.

“With the new Zura system features you do not need to be an expert sonographer to get relevant, actionable images of the heart,” said Paul Mayo, MD, Director of the Medical Intensive Care Unit at North Shore LIJ Hospitals. “The new Auto-Q feature enables quick and clear image acquisition, further simplifying the hTEE exam so that clinicians can focus on image interpretation and the patient's hemodynamic therapy.”

“Our goal is to continuously improve and provide more effective assessment tools that meet the usability criteria in critical care units,” said Peter Pellerito, President/CEO, ImaCor Inc. “The Zura system software enhancements help automate image adjusting and provide hTEE approach training information, enabling the physician to more quickly assess the patient and set the proper hemodynamic course – a capability that is essential when seconds count for our customers.”

Leading hospitals around the world are adopting this state-of-the-art technology, including Medical Center of Central Georgia (Macon, Georgia), Erasmus University Medical Center (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), and University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics (Salt Lake, UT).

About ImaCor

ImaCor Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Garden City, NY. The company designs, manufactures, and distributes advanced solutions for hemodynamic assessment in the critical care environment for the purpose of improving patient outcomes and optimizing utilization of healthcare costs. ImaCor manufactures the ClariTEE® probe, the only miniaturized, indwelling TEE probe suitable for long-term clinical settings. hTEE™, Zura™ and ClariTEE® are trademarks of ImaCor, Inc. http://www.imacorinc.com.

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