ClariTEE® Probe

hTEE is enabled through the ClariTEE probe, a miniaturized, disposable probe that can be placed in a patient for up to 72 hours to directly visualize cardiac filling and function over time. It is easy to use and purpose-built for perioperative care.

The ClariTEE has a patented piezoelectric design providing high-quality imaging at 6 or 7 MHz with a penetration depth of up to 18 cm on the Zura-EVO™ and Zura-EVO™ 1. Miniaturization enables direct visualization of the heart for up to 72 hours, providing clinicians with vital information needed to determine the causes of instability and adjust therapeutic interventions in real time.


  • Miniaturized design
    5.5 mm effective diameter < 1/3 the size of conventional TEE (size of NG tube)

  • AdaptaFlex™
    Probe flexion adapts according to patient anatomy

  • Dwell-time up to 72 hours
    Continuously available for episodic assessment over time

  • Disposable, detachable probe
    Single-use probes allow one ultrasound system to manage multiple patients simultaneously