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The Game Changer: All-in-One

The Zura-EVO™ 1 is the latest model in the Zura family of Advanced Hemodynamic Management Platforms. This new system is compatible with the ClariTEE® probe and the •NEW• hTTE™ probe for complementary hemodynamic imaging, making ImaCor's platform the first-of-its-kind for hemodynamic management.

ImaCor's all-in-one platform is comprised of:

  • hTEE™, enabled by the ClariTEE® probe that can be left indwelling for 72-hours
  • hTTE, a transthoracic probe for complementary hemodynamic management
  • Hemodynamic trending, which displays cardiac filling and function data over time in a dashboard format
  • Sizeable image quality improvements with 7 mHz resolution at 18 cm depth
  • Zura ultrasound systems, including the EVO-1, the latest model in the Zura family to offer new advanced processing for high definition imaging:
    • High-resolution 19" touchscreen display with 90 degree sector width
    • Custom-designed portable stand with height-adjustment
    • 2 probe ports for multiple transducers
    • Multiple connectivity ports for USB and DICOM for easy export to PACS
    • UPS (battery) option (no wait-time for shutdown and reboot)

The EVO 1 Software Release features:

  • Enhanced Auto-Q for optimal image quality and resolution
  • Embedded hTEE tutorials with "help" button
  • Side-by-side imaging for episodic comparison over time
  • Barcode reader for patient ID
  • Touch-style measurement tools
  • Higher definition and penetration
  • Image quality improvements including new beam forming & high-fidelity processing
ME 4 small 5 mhz 1
ClariTEE 4 Chamber View

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