Zura-EVO™ Imaging System

The Zura-EVO imaging system is a premier model in the line of Advanced Hemodynamic Management platforms. Its compact, ergonomic touchscreen technology offers portability in the critical care environment for ease of use at the bedside. It is compatible with the ClariTEE® and the •NEW• hTTE probe for transthoracic imaging. The EVO offers the following features:

  • High-resolution 19" touch screen display with 90 degree sector width (with optional mouse and keyboard)
  • Custom-designed portable stand with height-adjustment
  • 2 probe ports for multiple transducers
  • Multiple connectivity ports for USB and DICOM for easy transfer to PACS
  • UPS (battery) option (no wait-time for shutdown and reboot)

Standard software features of the EVO include:

  • Enhanced Auto-Q for optimal image quality and resolution
  • Embedded hTEE tutorials with "help" button
  • Side-by-side imaging for episodic comparison over time
  • Barcode reader for patient ID
  • Touch-style measurement tools

The •NEW• EVO Software Release includes the following:

  • Optimized resolution with increased line density and B-sampling frequency
  • Higher definition and penetration
  • Finer gain control
  • Trending capability displays physiological filling/function over time in a dashboard format
  • Image quality improvements including new beam forming & high-fidelity processing
LVAD cannula seen in an hTEE exam.

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