Hemodynamic management (hTEE)


ImaCor has developed a highly differentiated product and Hemodynamic Management Program that delivers superior outcomes and cost effectiveness in high acuity patient care settings. A growing population of older sicker patients with multiple comorbidities demands continuous hemodynamic management. hTEE (hemodynamic transesophageal echo) is the world's first and only technology in critical care that provides continuously available direct cardiac visualization. The product consists of the the ClariTEE®, a purpose-built miniaturized disposable TEE probe, and a customized ultrasound system, known as the Zura EVO™.

ImaCor's disposable probe has a patented piezoelectric design providing high quality imaging at 7MHz with 15 cm penetration. Miniaturization, detachability and disposability enable real-time direct visualization of the heart for up to 72 hours. Because direct cardiac visualization with hTEE is continuously available in the ICU setting, clinicians are able to determine the causes of instability and optimize cardiac performance, thereby preventing complications, reducing resource utilization and shortening length-of-stay.