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A 32-year-old patient is admitted to your ICU following a crack cocaine overdose complicated by rhabdomyolysis, acute renal failure, and presumed sepsis. The patient is supported with mechanical ventilation and dialysis. And despite initiating intravenous fluid and increasing doses of Levophed, the patient is persistently hypotensive (systemic BP 79/56 mmHg). What didn’t you see?

Had your team utilized ImaCor hTEE imaging and a miniaturized ClariTEE probe, you would have seen the left ventricular size and function indicated that the patient was hypovolemic, and that the interventricular septum was hypokinetic. Further, hTEE provides continuous visualization, so you could monitor patient’s left ventricle size in response to prescribed treatment. ImaCor hTEE™ imaging facilitates effective assessment and guiding fluid management of hemodynamically unstable patients over a period of time…saving money and lives.

Click below to learn how hTEE can revolutionize the care of critically ill trauma patients:


Advanced management for complex patients.

Break the cycle of instability by managing cardiac filling and function.

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Get to the right answer faster.

Insights and protocols from leading trauma physicians using hTEE for hemodynamic management.

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What does the evidence say?

Clinical evidence demonstrating the impact of hTEE in trauma.

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