"I need to reduce recovery time,
complications, and resources....
"I need to avoid fluid overload
during resuscitation...
"I need to see cardiac
filling and function...
"I need to know if it's tamponade
or desaturation...
"I need to get my critical
patients off vent faster...
so I use hemodynamic ultrasound."

hTEE-Guided Resuscitation of a Patient in Septic Shock

Ryan A. Lawless MD
Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, Houston, TX, USA
23 February 2015
Ryan A. Lawless MD (Memorial Hermann Hospital, Houston TX, USA) used hTEE to help manage resuscitation of a patient in septic shock. Notice the improvement in volume status (LVEDA) and contractility (FAC) as a result of hTEE-guided resuscitation; also four units of plasma and a 70% decrease in levo over seven hours. As Dr. Lawless emphasized, “We were able to swiftly resuscitate this septic patient with confidence, using hTEE.”


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