Performance Guarantee

Save $1,000,000 using ImaCor Hemodynamic Ultrasound or we write you a $100,000 check.

Performance Guaranteed!

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If you’re overspending on vent days, blood products, and complications, ImaCor has your solution.

We’re so confident you’ll reduce fluid overload and catch RV dysfunction quicker – and therefore help patients and your bottom line – we offer you the following risk-sharing arrangement.*

You receive:

$100,000 to offset your increased costs in the event your adoption of and adherence to the ImaCor 3-Step Method does not reduce the time, complications, or resource utilization in the treatment of hemodynamically unstable ICU patients. Specific benefits may include reduced time on mechanical ventilation, reduced CRRT usage in AKI, and reduced take-back rates following surgery.

Eligibility conditions*:

  1. You have a well-documented protocol and metrics for hemodynamic management.
  2. ImaCor reviews and approves the protocol and metrics prior to implementation.
  3. In the unlikely event you lack sufficient performance metrics, ImaCor will enroll you in our Clinical Transformation Achievement program whereby ImaCor invests in the resources you need to realize your target return on investment.
  4. Your good faith commitment to a long-term relationship with ImaCor.

You’re in good company:

Donald Reiff, MD
UAB Hospital Birmingham

“hTEE improves cost containment and complication rates.”

Nicholas Cavarocchi, MD
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

“Our institution has experienced significant savings from use of this device.”

How we’ll help ensure your target return on investment (ROI):

Enroll in the program

  • Build consensus
  • ImaCor makes Investment

Realize the value

  • Track Metrics
  • ImaCor trains team, provides resources

Ensure your ROI

  • Cement long-term partnership
  • ImaCor writes you $100,000 check if your savings don’t exceed $1,000,000

* Our offer to pay is subject to a written contract between us setting out the ImaCor assessment protocol and outcome improvement metrics we have agreed upon.