What is hemodynamic ultrasound?

Hemodynamic ultrasound is the science of directly visualizing cardiac filling and function over time to assess the appropriate interventions for critically ill patients recovering from trauma, surgery, or cardiac procedures.

The Science

Hemodynamic ultrasound lets you track cardiac activity by showing the transgastric short axis, midesophageal four chamber, and SVC views.

TEE for the critical care unit

The Technology

The hTEE method to hemodynamic stability uses many of the same gold-standard transesophageal echo practices used in surgery.

Critical Care transesophageal echo

For Critical Care

ICU use of hemodynamic ultrasound made a direct, therapeutic impact in 66% of patients1 and improved hemodynamics in 80%2 of patients.

Better patient care at a lower total cost? Yes!

The system cost will be offset my savings in time, complications, and resources – many times over!

See for yourself: Use our quick and easy calculator to get a customized cost report for your hospital.

Learn why these providers use hemodynamic ultrasound:

1. Vieillard-Baron A, et al. Intensive Care Med, 2013;39(4):629-35.
2. Fletcher N, et al. J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth, 2015;29(3):582-7.

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