Zura Handheld

Introducing the Zura™ Handheld Hemodynamic Ultrasound System by ImaCor®

The Zura Hemodynamic Ultrasound system is the companion device to the ClariTEE transesophageal echo probe.

Together, they comprise the first and only one-of-its-kind advanced hemodynamic management platform for your most at-risk patients.

  • High definition imaging for high performance teams
  • Direct WIFI connection to mobile devices
  • AI-driven optimized imaging for ‘first picture, best picture’ ease of use
  • Seamless DICOM connectivity, livestreaming tools for team review, and Cloud capabilities to match ICU workflow
  • The only handheld compatible with the hemodynamic ultrasound ClariTEE® probe

What’s new with the Zura Handheld?

  • Improved image quality: Leveraging the latest high definition ultrasound technology on the market enables novice users in achieving desired performance with minimal training.
  • Portability: Pocket-sized, 22-ounce handheld is a step change from cart-based ultrasound, particularly in the ICU where space is a commodity.  
  • Better user experience: Optimal pairing harnessing latest tech advancements for fast and easy “connect and image” performance
  • Easier decision making: Accessible, connected, and compatible – great images from the start.
  • Training teams, faster: Expanded applications and broader user groups benefit with limited training

The Handheld Hemodynamic Management System

  • App based hemodynamic ultrasound system, IN YOUR POCKET!
  • Disposable, detachable probe to manage multiple patients simultaneously
  • Unique AdaptaFlex™ makes it easy for novices to obtain views
  • Indwelling up to 72 hours
  • Miniaturized design (<1/3 size of conventional TEE)

Precision hemodynamic ultrasound for high performance teams

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