The ClariTEE® Hemodynamic Ultrasound probe

The ClariTEE Hemodynamic Ultrasound probe is a miniaturized, disposable transesophageal probe that can be placed indwelling for up to 72 hours to directly visualize cardiac filling and function over time. It requires little training, is easy to use, and is purpose-built for critical and perioperative care.

ClariTEE has a patented piezoelectric design providing high-quality imaging at 6 or 7 MHz with a penetration depth of up to 18 cm on the Zura™ Handheld ultrasound system.

The extremely flexible, miniature probe is the size of an NG tube – which is why its cleared for maximal use of 72 hours indwelling. Ingeniously, the probe detaches from the handle so you can manage multiple patients using the same Zura Handheld ultrasound system.

That’s practical, and helps the economics of each case cost.

The ClariTEE probe features:

Spec Sheet

Visit our how-to videos page, where you can learn “How to Insert the ClariTEE probe” (below) and other techniques, featuring Dr. Dennis Ashley MD, Director of Trauma Services and Critical Care from Navicent Health in Central Georgia.