The Hemodynamic Ultrasound Algorithm

The ImaCor® algorithm

We’ve discussed the ImaCor 3-Step Method™ for hemodynamic management elsewhere and a graphic depiction follows.

The ImaCor® 3-Step Method™ (click to enlarge)

Watch that second step!

Watch this short, easy-to-follow video to learn the algorithm to determine when – and what kind – of fluid to administer.

Easy, right?

You know the number one thing we hear back from critical care units using the ImaCor 3-Step Method?

Clinicians say using Hemodynamic Ultrasound gives them more confidence.

Confidence knowing ahead of time if the heart will be responsive to volume. Confidence knowing they’re not about to fluid overload the patient, potentially compromising recovery, and adding time and resources to an already stretched cost center.

So if you’re overspending on vent days, blood products and complications, and want more confident clinicians when treating hemodynamic instability, then contact us for more information.