Whiteboard Lessons

Chapter 2: More Complex Patients Need Better Hemodynamic Management Systems

Dr. Roth begins this lesson with a reflection of bygone years, saying, “The world is no longer the way where you could just say, ‘If I only knew what the cardiac output was, it would tell me something.'”

He’s right, and it’s precisely the reason why hemodynamic ultrasound technology is so vitally important for older, sicker patients with multiple co-morbidities.

Learn more when you watch this 2:45 video featuring ImaCor founder, Dr. Scott Roth.


Chapter 1: The “Mixed Picture” Patient

The Good Doctor Scott Roth, our Founder and CEO, is a cardiologist.

And he’s passionate about improving patient care for the sickest in our population. So it’s important for him (and us) to educate as many members of the healthcare community as possible, not only about our technology, but also about ways to resuscitate your most at-risk patients quickly and safely.

So who are these patients? Dr. Roth explains in the video below, they aren’t the same patients you may have seen 20 years ago. Give a listen.