"I need to reduce recovery time,
complications, and resources....
"I need to avoid fluid overload
during resuscitation...
"I need to see cardiac
filling and function...
"I need to know if it's tamponade
or desaturation...
"I need to get my critical
patients off vent faster...
so I use hemodynamic ultrasound."

Post Operative LVAD Complications

High Risk Cardiac Patient Timeline

This case study timeline illustrates how clinicians at a large academic hospital used hTEE to carefully guide management of the right ventricle (RV) after LVAD implantation. Through hTEE direct visualization, clinicians quickly identified RV overload shortly after the removal of right side support, and administration of fluids.

In a recent 2014 study from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, RV dysfunction was identified in 33% of post-op LVAD patients.

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